You will not find your truth in this blog.

But as one fictional guy said: “The truth is out there.”
Or rather, the reason you will not find your truth in this blog is because “the truth is in there.” Inside you. Not inside this blog.

Now, don’t get me wrong. You can hear the song of your truth in this blog and many other places online. It’s like being in the woods or a field, and hearing music drifting from a ways away. And wondering where it came from, and exploring forward, listening, listening for it.

But the listening is inward. When I coach people, I am helping them listen inward. And I can’t write your truth here, because it’s yours, and only you can discover it.

I will keep singing the song; the one that sounds like your truth, that…hmmm…that almost sounds like that elusive song you are straining your attention, hoping to hear. But it’s just me singing my truth.

When it is time for you to pick up the strains of your own song, send me a quick message on the Contact page. We can talk about what you want to come next in your life.

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